2012/2013 Schedule of Events

July 23rd – First Day of Kick Start After-School Program

August 1st and 2nd – Karate Classes start back (regular classes)

August 20th  – No Kick Start After School  – Labor Day

September 3rd – CLOSED – LABOR DAY – No Karate classes or Kick Start

September 28th – October 19th – No Kick Start After-School

October 1st – 5th – Fall Day Camp  8:30am to 2:30pm  (Charter School Students)

October 15th – 19th FALL BREAKCLOSED (No Karate Classes)

October 22nd – Karate classes and Kick Start resumes

October 31st – NO Karate – Kick Start after-school pickup by 5pm!  (HALLOWEEN)

November 12th – CLOSED – No Karate classes or Kick Start after-school – VETERAN’S DAY


November 21st – 23rd – No Karate or Kick Start After-School – THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY

December 21st – CHAMPION KARATE CENTER Christmas Party/Parents Night Out 5pm – 10pm (Registration Required)

December 21st – January 6th – No Karate or Kick Start After-School – CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY BREAK

January 7th – Karate and Kick Start Resumes

March 15th – April No Kick Start After School

March 18th – 22nd- Spring Day Camp 8:30am-2:30pm (Charter School Students)

March 29th – April 5th – CLOSED FOR EASTER/Spring Break (No Karate)

April 8th – Karate and Kick Start Resumes

April 26th – 28th – Weekend Karate Camp at Singletary Lake State Park

May 27th – No Karate -No Kick Start After School – MEMORIAL DAY

May 31st – Karate Banquet at Lu Mil Vineyard 7pm (Don’t forget to get tickets!)

June 6th – Last day of Kick Start After School

June 16th – 20th –  Summer Karate Camp (Advanced Students) Singletary Lake State Park

July 8th-12 – Summer Day Camp from 9am-1pm (at Champion Karate Center)

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