Meet the Owner, Vince Patrick.

Vince Patrick As Owner and Head Instructor,  Vince began his training in Champion Karate under John Maynard of Wilmington, NC in 1991.  There he would have the opportunity to train with other great Champion Karate Black Belts and now school owners, Renee Ashley of Elizabethtown, NC and Tony Geouge of Little River, SC.  Vince received his first black belt in 1995!

In 1996, he decided to open what is now Champion Karate of Whiteville, NC and is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt Instructor in the Champion Karate American Self-Defense System.  Vince also holds Black Belts in Chuck Norris’ Chun Kuk Do, and Joe Lewis Fighting System.

At Champion Karate, our main focus is the development of character and  physical fitness through Martial Arts.

Our Staff:

All of our Instructors at Champion Karate are in-housed Black Belts.  They have trained extensively in our system.  Every Instructor has completed our Instructor’s Training Program and are 2nd Degree Black Belts   or Higher.

Our Facility:

Our 3000 sq ft. facility includes a large padded training floor, kids fitness area with climbing rock wall, dressing area, parent viewing area and pro shop store.  We also have a separate area for our Kick Start After School program that includes tables & chairs, cubbies and recreational areas.


The benefits that Martial Arts can provide for people of all ages are truly amazing.  The study of the Martial Arts is one of the few activities that helps develop both the body and the mind.

Our goal at Champion Karate of Whiteville is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our students. Training at our studio provides an individual, both children and adults, with the ability to focus and concentrate on achieving goals within the program while at the same time meeting life’s challenges with total confidence and perseverance.

Start today learning Chuck Norris’ style of karate called Chun Kuk Do!

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